Mike Levin sees art as a vehicle to transport ourselves from the mundane to the extraordinary. He aims to capture scenes, fuse them with his internal vision and share them through his painting and drawing. His paintings are often abstractions of nature or city life that conform to structure of composition. They are pictures conjured from his imagination and from memories of his experience of exploring. Mike's latest series on gentrification, has to do with the quickly changing urban landscape of Vancouver, B.C. and the perils of unplanned and rapid development that exacerbate housing affordability issues.

Artistic influences include Marlene Dumas, Natalie Brettschneider, Hans Haacke, Peter Doig, Richard Diebenkorn, Gordon Smith and Tom Thomson.

Mike is a recent graduate who has a BFA in Painting from Emily Carr University. He also teaches drawing and painting at The Art Studios and at Vancouver General Hospital. Mike's art has been sold in Canada and the USA to private collectors.

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